Why do we require more user information?

In connection with the implementation of the European PSD2 directive, multiple customer authentication occurs in payment transactions, the so-called strong customer authentication on the part of its issuer (for example, using SMS messages). In practice, the way it works is that you have to confirm each transaction with an SMS code or key from internet banking. The customer may cancel the transaction or the time for completing the power bank lease in the Chargybank application may be exceeded. To speed up the whole process and to ensure that the process of renting the power bank takes place without interruption, the card schemes and the payment gateway require the transfer of the data listed below each time you make a card payment. This may result in the application of the TRA exception to the strong authentication of the user on the side of the payment card issuer: name, E-mail address, mobile phone number, Street, City, ZIP code, State. The TRA exception for users means that they will be able to borrow powerbanks and use the Chargybank service much easier. You will not have to enter an sms code or confirm a transaction with a key each time you rent. Entering your data is a way to greatly simplify the subsequent use of the Chargybank service.