Powerbanks have all connectors:
Apple Lightning, Type-C a Micro USB

Powerbank has a capacity of 5000 mAh and is enough to charge a phone completely 2 times. Fits absolutely all modern phones.

How to use the power bank

Take one of 3 cables and connect it to the device – Press the button Power On at powerbank side – Then upper indicator lights up and the powerbank starts to charge the device When the indicator stops to be on it means that powerbank is discharged and must be returned to the station. The powerbank is returned by inserting it into a free slot in the Station with arrows on the power bank upwards and in their direction inside the Station.

In case the powerbank is damaged, does not work, indicator is not on, has torn off cable or you lost it, write in tab Support.

At once you can rent 2 powerbanks.