How does Chargy work?

The process is simple

Register in application – Add card – Find the nearest Chargy station on the map – Scan the QR code at the station – Charge your device – Return the powerbank to any Chargy station.

At each rental you will be blocked deposit 50 CZK on the card. This advance (or part of it) will be used to pay for this loan, if any. Any remaining part of the deposit will be unblocked within a week.

The return of the powerbank is considered successful and the order is considered completed if you receive a notification on your profile in the application with the text “Thank you for using”, e-mail with Completion of the order with information about the completed lease and the status of the order in the History tab will be changed to a green tick and the place and time of powerbank return in the Returned section will be filled in. If you did not receive any of these points fill in immediately the Support form or write a message to

Types of stations

1. Station Chargy Small This station is for 8 slots, it is distributed mostly in cafés, restaurants, bars and other similar businesses.

2. Station Chargy Big This station is for 24 slots, it is distributed mostly in shopping centres, airports and other similar premises.

Do not insert powerbank to any turned off station due to any reason (technical problem, power failure, network error, etc.). From the following signs you can see it is off:

1. Station Big – indicator next to front display is not lit

2. Station Small – QR codes on the front are not lit

The rental is considered finished if you receive a notification with the text “Thank you for using” on your profile in the Application. If you insert it in a turned off station, you will not receive this notification and the rental will still run.

In case you accidentally insert the powerbank into a turned off station fill in the form Support or send us an email message to solve the problem.

ATTENTION ! The station includes GPS tracker and safety device. Do not manipulate with the station.